Thursday, December 25, 2008


What we can do to keep PUNE SAFE
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I stronggly beleive that no other technology can help unless HUMAN-NETWORK is not build.
We are population crises country, lets take advantage of this, use human
so get united. lets make United India.We are not fighting against Muslims or Pakistan, this fight is against Terrorism, Anti Indians,Anti-Hindus. I would say this fight is against CHINA and Divide and rule British Minds.
  • Any city Vehicle other than MH-XX should be checked and charged fine if being used without registration change.
  • Any Student outside Maharashtra background check has to be done by 3rd Party through colleges.
  • Close watch on your neighbours and people who are staying on Rent.
  • Report any unusual group activity
  • Be Alert, expose political peoples promoting elections on bias

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