Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Travel Tuljapur Pandharpur

My plan:Pune-Tuljapur->Akkalkot->Solapur-Pandharpur.

With this you can save about 100 kms.Take this road if you want to avoid traffic and travelling during day time and there is no roadside help like gas station/food and Auto service(Puncture wala)
Pune->Hadapsar road-->URLI-->Patas-->Bhigvan-Indapur.At Tembhurni phata(Junction) take a roard to BARSHI, Barshi road goes to Latur and Tuljapur.Take a road to Tuljapur and thats all.Then take a road to Akkalkot which is about 45 Kms.From AKKALKOT take a road to SOLAPUR. Solapur to Pandharpur (Stay at Pandharpur)-Then take a road to Mahad for returining to Pune.Then its Pandharpur-Natepute-Phaltan-Jejuri-Saswad-Pune.At NATEPUTE ,afet natepute take a left turn for SHIKHAR SHINGNAPUR which is 13 kms only.. great Shiva Temple, must see.

  • Dont pay a single penney to These PUJARI's ( I dont want to blam Bramins ,but all Pujari's are Bhikaris no matter what caste he is )
  • If you can visit any temple early morning u can make it in maxt 30 minutes standing in queue else best view is take a surrounding view, its up to you.
  • Good Hotesl in Pandharpur- Hotel Aishwarya, Hotel Shamiyana,Shree Gajanana Math.


  1. we will be goin on 22nd nyt and will be returning on 24th nyt. we want 2 do tuljapur at last as my train is frm usmanabad - mumbai.
    can u suggest the planning?

  2. and also the hotel numbers which u have adviced above (we are 14 pax)