Thursday, December 25, 2008


What we can do to keep PUNE SAFE
please add your comments.

I stronggly beleive that no other technology can help unless HUMAN-NETWORK is not build.
We are population crises country, lets take advantage of this, use human
so get united. lets make United India.We are not fighting against Muslims or Pakistan, this fight is against Terrorism, Anti Indians,Anti-Hindus. I would say this fight is against CHINA and Divide and rule British Minds.
  • Any city Vehicle other than MH-XX should be checked and charged fine if being used without registration change.
  • Any Student outside Maharashtra background check has to be done by 3rd Party through colleges.
  • Close watch on your neighbours and people who are staying on Rent.
  • Report any unusual group activity
  • Be Alert, expose political peoples promoting elections on bias


This is for the people who leave in Aundh, Specially on New DP road near Medipoint Hospital,Pune.
Whats your opinion to improve this area.
How about having foothpath track starts from Paranajpe Scheme and ends at DAV Public school.
This can be used as Walking track and shool childrens can use that .
If i get good response I will post few more details and we can take this ahead from there.
We can do this.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Anna Hajare is it real ro Fraud

This blog is to find culprits and get closer to Reality

I personally respect Shri Anna Hajare and proud of his work he done as of today and if he owns and get any money from any good source I am happy.I am follower of him and plan to meet him.

I heard Anna Hajare has Adapted son and he has few hunded acre land on his name. Land near Bhor,Pune dist.
Friends if anyone can prove that its true or fake will help to make his image clean.
or bring the truth.

Travel Tuljapur Pandharpur

My plan:Pune-Tuljapur->Akkalkot->Solapur-Pandharpur.

With this you can save about 100 kms.Take this road if you want to avoid traffic and travelling during day time and there is no roadside help like gas station/food and Auto service(Puncture wala)
Pune->Hadapsar road-->URLI-->Patas-->Bhigvan-Indapur.At Tembhurni phata(Junction) take a roard to BARSHI, Barshi road goes to Latur and Tuljapur.Take a road to Tuljapur and thats all.Then take a road to Akkalkot which is about 45 Kms.From AKKALKOT take a road to SOLAPUR. Solapur to Pandharpur (Stay at Pandharpur)-Then take a road to Mahad for returining to Pune.Then its Pandharpur-Natepute-Phaltan-Jejuri-Saswad-Pune.At NATEPUTE ,afet natepute take a left turn for SHIKHAR SHINGNAPUR which is 13 kms only.. great Shiva Temple, must see.

  • Dont pay a single penney to These PUJARI's ( I dont want to blam Bramins ,but all Pujari's are Bhikaris no matter what caste he is )
  • If you can visit any temple early morning u can make it in maxt 30 minutes standing in queue else best view is take a surrounding view, its up to you.
  • Good Hotesl in Pandharpur- Hotel Aishwarya, Hotel Shamiyana,Shree Gajanana Math.