Thursday, May 28, 2009

Infrastructure Improvement

Letter Sent to Rahul Gandhi

India being farmers Country, Majority of peoples business is Farming.Per my understanding during Britishers rule, they had done first time measurement of lands in India and fixed borders accordingly.Record is made on papers.That is the same record we use called (7/12, property record and so many).PROBLEM:Farmers in villages most of the time need to deal with these 7/12 and lot of dispute happen among ourselves due to improper or unavailabilty of record. To get this record for gov off( talathi or registrar office) farmer need to visit office n number of times,need to pay money to corrupt officers there.(Please refer article in sakal paper dated 28th may 09 TODAY "16 Talathis fired for Corruption in 1.5 year").Workers do not hesitate to give written letter that "Documents are not available". Where comman man will go?
SOLUTION:can new Govt. take initiative of measuring all lands state wise and keep the record online. With this all become easy.currently 7/12 are available online but not all the time.Companies like CDAC,Infosys,TCS will do this for cheap price.I can help to get this work for free with the help of these companies provided goverment supports this and approves it.
Avinash Raosaheb Shitole.village Kasarsai, Tal:Mulshi, Dist :Pune, Maharashtra


  1. Good News
    My Taluka has been selected for land measurement recenly ..lets see how it goes

  2. Hi Avinash,

    I found your land in Kasarsai on Wikimapia and then came across your blog. I am in IT too. I am looking to buy small plots of land in Kasarsai village and need your help. Do you know any farmers who want to sell land? Say 5 to 10 gunthas? What is your cell number and email address?

    Niraj Punmia